Saturday, January 5, 2013

19-Year-Old Isaac Newton’s List of Sins

These are quite interesting.


Tom Van Dyke said...

Not only that, but they were written in a code left uncracked until 1964.

Vsing the word (God) openly

Does this relate to the numerous euphemisms for "God" back in the day?

e.g. GWash's lifetime ledger:

"Providence" - 26 times
"Heaven" -25 times
"God" - 16 times
"Almighty God" - 8 times
"Lord" - 5 times
"Almighty" - 5 times
"Author of all Blessings" - 3 times
"Author of the Universe" - 3 times
"God of Armies" - 3 times
"Giver of Victory" - 3 times
"Great Ruler of the Universe" - 2 times
"Divine Protector" - 2 times
"Ruler of Nations" - 2 times
"Particular Favor of Heaven" - 2 times
"Divine Author of Life and Felicity" - 2 times
"Author of Nations" - 1 time
"Divine Being" - 1 time
"Allwise Dispenser of Human Blessings" - 1 time
"Supreme giver of all good Gifts" - 1 time
"Sovereign Dispenser of Life and Health" - 1 time
"Source and Benevolent Bestower of all good" - 1 time
"Power which has Sustained American arms" - 1 time
"Allwise Providence" - 1 time
"Infinite Wisdom" - 1 time
"Eye of Omnipotence" - 1 time
"Divine Author of our Blessed Religion" - 1 time
"Omnipotent being" - 1 time
"Great Spirit" - 1 time
"Glorious being" - 1 time
"Supreme being" - 1 time
"Almighty being" - 1 time
"Creator" - 1 time

Phil Johnson said...

There seems to be no end to self righteousness once a person gets started down that road.

I'm gettign some exposue to John Rawls om some of my readings.

Tom Van Dyke said...

I'm gettign some exposue to John Rawls om some of my readings.

Not on Newton's list of sins, Phil, but it probably would have been.

Chris Rodda said...

Wow ... how weird is this? Isaac Newton's list just came up as a question on Millionaire! The question was something to the effect of: 'Which great mind wrote a list of their sins as a teenager that included punching their sister?' If only the contestant read this blog they wouldn't have had to walk! :-)