Friday, April 20, 2012

Directions For Viewing Smart Phone Pics

Just to make sure everyone can read my iPhone pics of book text pages. Here are the directions: 1. Click pictures. 2. Right click on "view image" if in Firefox, "open image in new window" if in Safari. 3. Click on the microscope with the plus sign. If you do that a BIG, clear pic of the book image shows up, complete with scrolling capabilities. I'm not sure what directions to give for Internet Explorer as I couldn't get it to work like that. Suggestions? [Update: For IE, do not click on the pic. Rather right click on the pic and hit "open link in new window." Then the microscope with the plus sign appears.] Try it with this pic which is a view from the David Library (I know, no text to read, but still a nice pic).

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