Saturday, November 5, 2011

David Barton's Phony Quotations Live On

This time with Larry Klayman at WorldNetDaily.


jimmiraybob said...

"...and rebuild with the vision of our Founding Fathers."

Yes, but we really should make some effort to actually know what that vision was. A good start would be using accurate quotes and then placing them in proper context. But, of course, that gets sticky and isn't as conducive to agitating and inciting the faithful to occupy the seat of national government or to bring down the president.

So, in the interest of helping mobilize the wrath......3 Peter 1:1-1:7, "I was just kidding earlier. Thou shall be full of discontent and thou shall march on government and use many deceitful words to bring down your kings and ministers that you do not like. Spend little time preparinging yourself for God when there are pressing matters at hand. Concern yourself with your judgment of man and with ruling your earthly kingdom. He will understand."

I wouldn't quote me on that - not yet confirmed.

Tom Van Dyke said...
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Tom Van Dyke said...

The Patrick Henry quote in particular is what I think Jon's referring to, i think.

Still, most of the bum quotes [and most of them seem bum] still largely reflect the views of those they're attributed to, so Klayman's argument isn't necessarily invalid.

Most bizarre is the mishmosh paraphrase that is the Washington quote. SBH does a chapter-and-verse fisk of Klayman here:

Still, that bizarre "quote" does accurately reflect his sentiments.