Friday, July 22, 2011

Romans 13 Re-post at 3rdWAVELANDS

Jon Rowe did a few posts recently that started up the discussion about Romans 13, interposition, resistance theory, 1 Peter 2, and what is part of Christianity is dissenters. This has coincided with my wanting to re-post all my American Creation stuff on my blog site. It used to be a Real Estate site but is now a site where all aspects of society are discussed. One of the main themes is how the modern world was launched, what ideas helped do it, and what ideas we need to examine as we move forward into another era of History. Some is germane to this blog some is not but please come join my partner and best friend Tracie and I as we sift through issues that affect our world and the History needed to put them in the right context.

With that little commerical done, here is a link to a re-post of my first response to Dr. Greg Frazer on Romans 13 for those who are new to this blog and would like to partake.


Unknown said...

Just read the comment thread on Jon's last post about society and looking at history to figure out where to go. I like Tom pointing us toward the French Revolution and Burke. Maybe that discussion can continue in this thread since that is one of the themes of the my blog. All comments on Romans 13 welcome too.

Unknown said...

Thanks to Dr. Frazer for the time he took to discuss all this with us a while back too. I miss him. Hope he joins us again.

Jonathan Rowe said...

Gregg has two g's; you might want to fix that. :)

jimmiraybob said...

Somewhat related, James McGrath at the Exploring Our Matrix blog (patheos) asks about the overarching theme in Romans. One of the comments,"something something apocalyptic something something." Of course there are other answers. And McGrath adds a link in comments to another blog post entitled "What is Romans?"

Looks like a good weekend to consider Romans.